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The feeling of weightlessness

That's how I experienced zero-g:

For me, it is wonderful, it is the best feeling I ever had in the world, which also triggered strong euphoric feelings within me. You can completely let go and relax, and nothing happens. I didn't realize that there is no up and down any more, I felt like coming home, as if I knew this feeling somehow. It made me feel safe, during the whole flight I never had any feeling of falling (though we were in free fall during the parabolas); you move around at the ceiling without thinking about it.

totally relaxed

I immediately surrendered to the feeling of zero-g.

If you ever had dreams of floating, it is the very same feeling!

I found it very easy to move around in weightlessness, a completely natural thing as soon as you are familiar with the parabolic maneuvers, which for me was the case after 3 to 4 parabolas. It is enough to have something to hold on, then the body is easy to control, easier than I thought. Only when taking pictures and filming you have to take care, because there one hand is not enough. But as you can see in the gallery, nevertheless the pictures turned out to be good.

It is wonderful to play with:

For instance it is
very nice to sit on the ceiling, then you
will perceive the environment as if the ceiling is the floor.

And it is so easy to turn and flip and to do so many more things
...there are no limits to your phantasy. Just try it out!

The most wonderful feeling for me was to have one of the "Angels"
spin me around while staying completely relaxed. It is astonishing
with what slight touch it is possible to get moved in zero-g.
You only feel the hands of your instructor, nothing
else. A wonderful feeling.

I want to fly again!!!

If you should ever have the possibility to go on a parabolic flight, do it! I can only recommend it, it is a wonderful feeling of total freedom and joy and an experience you will never forget!