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Welcome to my zero-g homepage!

Here everyone is right who wants to know about weightlessness and everything that has to do with it and maybe wants to experience this oneself one day. You can select from many subjects and info-links to look into.

And now have lots of fun on my homepage!

By the way I flew 446 parabolas on 21 flights (including two flights during the 5th ESA Student Parabolic Flight Campaign, 11 flights with the Austrian Parabelteam, one flight with European Space Tourist, the MIRIAM-2 campaigns, the partial-g campaign and three flights with Air Zero G) and I still like it! This is more than 1.5 hours of weightlessness!

Now available:

In Memoriam of Columbia

picture: Felix Korsch

In remembering the crew of the Columbia, a quotation of a fellow flyer of the student campaign: "If I would have died on our parabolic flight, I would have died happily." They died in fulfillment of their long preserved dreams. Let us begin their heritage and continue to reach for the stars, I think it would have been their wish.


Research project: Aftereffects of parabolic flights

New report finally out! Zero-G tours Bordeaux New report finally out!

Inter-Agency Partial Gravity Parabolic Flight Campaign 2018

Archimedes MIRIAM-2 project

Expedition Z design competition

Mars Society Italy virtual Mars mission V-ERAS 1

Zero-G tours Florida 2012

Spaceport America

Archimedes Rexus 4 MIRIAM-1 sounding rocket flight campaign

Instructor with The Austrian Parabelteam

Participation on the 5. ESA Student Parabolic Flight Campaign (SPFC)

What is weightlessness and how is it obtained?

What is parabolic flight?

The effects of weightlessness on the human body

Life in space

Microgravity science

Space tourism

Art and weightlessness

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